For a garden to be successful, there are multiple factors that must work synergistically for plants to grow and thrive. We provide an in-depth picture of all health-related aspects of your garden, highlighting solutions to current problems as well as addressing potential ones.

Our educated, professional team uses a number of different tools, including soil, nutrient, and plant tissue analysis to pinpoint problems and offer organic, non-toxic solutions.


A garden diagnosis can be good for:

  • diseased or struggling plants

  • dead or dying plants

  • barren, depleted soil

  • mould, fungus, or pest infestation

  • excessive weed growth

Choose from three diagnostic packages:



This is the simplest package. I will tour your garden, examine your soil, plant, and/or pest growth, and diagnose the issue and make recommendations. You can then pursue the solution on your own. Cost: $139.


Diagnosis and basic follow-up

I offer more assistance with this package. On top of examining your soil, plant, and/or pest issues and providing recommendations, I will also treat the issue, and follow up.

Cost: $139 + materials + $75/follow up visits (up to 3 visits)


Diagnosis, care, and long-term follow-up

Certain pests such as mould, fungus, and aggressive invasive species will need multiple follow-up visits in order to resolve. These follow-up visits will be short, focused applications of organic solutions to remedy the issue.

Cost: $139 + materials + $65/follow up visits (4 or more)

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