We offer a fully customizable range of services depending on your plant and gardening needs. We work with you to understand your visions and goals, and will breathe new life into your garden, organically.

Organic garden care is a non-toxic method of using natural nutrients, fertilizers and solutions to allow the healthiest and most beautiful garden possible. This highly effective method stimulates and feeds your garden’s natural strengths and defences, creating a healthy environment through feeding, pruning, and monitoring for potential problems. Seeing your garden as a living, breathing system and not simply a collection of plants means bigger blooms, healthier plants, less pests, and increased happiness for you!


Services we offer

  • Indoor plant care and maintenance

  • Expert shrub and tree pruning

  • Integrated Pest Management solutions for all garden pests (including mosquitos)

  • Organic plant and soil fertilization

  • Organic weed removal and control

  • Soil probiotic inoculation to revitalize dry, dead soils

  • Spring, summer, and fall clean-ups

  • Compost bins and compost tea - installations and treatments

  • Water management – rain barrel installation and instruction



Garden Fertilizing:

$75 per treatment, or 3-season treatments for $195

All other above services, including indoor plant maintenance:

$70 per hour

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