Essential Plant Probiotic - indoor blend


Essential Plant Probiotic - indoor blend


A synergistic blend of beneficial soil organisms, enhanced with kelp extract to replenish nutrients specific to indoor soil. With regular use, probiotics restore essential microbes that become depleted when plants are removed from their outdoor environment. The probiotic consists of photosynthesizing bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, fermenting fungi, and many other helpful and important micro-organisms. These naturally occurring organisms rebuild biodiversity in your soil, heal and prevent plant damage, and promote nutrient uptake, essentials for a long and happy plant life.

Note: This is a LIVE product that is activated through a fermentation process and must be used shortly after purchase for maximum effectiveness. Use up completely within four months of purchase.


Recommended Use:

Monthly plant watering: 2 tsp per litre

Optional Uses:

Monthly leaf spray: 2/3 tsp per litre

Weekly leaf spray: 2 drops per litre

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EPP applications build soil texture and quality, and with regular use will increase the health of your soil by supporting beneficial micro-organisms. It helps repair damage done to plant roots and soil from synthetic fertilizer usage, makes nutrients more bio-available to plants, enhances and supports indigenous soil microbes and mycorrhizal fungi, builds resistance to pests and harmful soil pathogens, and much more. Added liquid kelp extract adds beneficial micronutrients, and plant growth hormones to increase flowering potential and new bud sites.



Directions for use:

1:100 ratio for monthly or seasonal watering of indoor or outdoor plants (or 2 tsp per litre water in watering can)

1:250 ratio for monthly foliar feed of houseplants (3/4 tsp per litre water washed on leaves)

1:1000 ratio for weekly foliar feed of houseplants (2-3 drops per litre water washed on leaves)

Keep in a cool place away from direct sunlight and heat. Tighten lid after use. Not for human consumption. Non-toxic and safe to store indoors.



Ingredients: Purified and structured water, probiotic lactic acid cultures, organic sugar cane molasses, mineral powder, kelp extract, sea salt, rice bran liquid extract.